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This website provides various information about the “Aoyama Kila Street” and surrounding shops, restaurants and historic scenes.
“Aoyama Kila Street” is located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku in Tokyo and some part belongs to Minato-ku. It is located along to the Zelkova Boulvard in Omotesando.
“Aoyama Kila Street” is often referred to as the half urban Omotesando and half peaceful countryside place. We take it as a compliment to our “Aoyama Kila Street”.
There are many famous companies, popular shops, museums and cafes in “Aoyama Kila Street”. We have shopping street, residential areas, office buildings, apartment houses as well as historic scenes and beauty spots. Even we are located in such a central area in Tokyo with a lot of attractions, “Aoyama Kila Street” is a very idyllic place. Many people say they feel at home walking along the “Aoyama Kila Street”.
Please visit us daytime and night time. You will enjoy the different side of “Aoyama Kila Street”.
Whenever you visit our “Aoyama Kila Street”, you will find a relaxing moment of music live show at a cafe, enjoyable conversation at a standing bar, delicious gourmet food and drinks at a sophisticated restaurant and at other various attractive places.
You might bump into celebrities such as famous fashion designers, actors or actresses at “Aoyama Kila Street”. Many of them might have a special feeling about “Aoyama Kila Street”.
“Aoyama Kila Street” is featured as the cover music by Southern All Stars in their “Aoyama Killer Street” album.
“Aoyama Kila Street” is a place where we feel nostalgic and trendy, pastral and urban chic!
There are much fun and attractions in “Aoyama Kila Street”.
Please find “Aoyama Kila Street” NOW in this website.
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History of “Aoyama Kila Street”
by Kenichi Tajima, Chairman of the “Aoyama Kila Street” Shop Association.
Welcome to the “Aoyama Kila Street” Guide. I am Kenichi Tajima, well-known Chairman of the “Aoyama Kila Street” Shop Association. I was on TV Tokyo’s Program and was introduced by the comedian duo, Summers. Please check it out!
The “Aoyama Kila Street” was constructed as a part of construction projects for the Tokyo Olympics. The famous fashion designer, Ms. Junko Koshino, originally names this street as a “Killer Street” mentioning “this street is busy with a lot of traffics by cars so let’s call it <Killer Street>. But now Ms. Koshino suggests to rename it as a <Lucky Street>. As the Killer Street is so well-known, our staff renames it as the “Aoyama Kila Street” without changing its pronunciation.
Our town has many places of natural beauty and historical interest. Kumano Shrine, Seizoroizaka Slope, Ryuganji Temple and Jikoji Temple which locates Shogun Tokugawa and Asano families, Myoenji Temple are historical interests and Harajuku Church is famous for its modern architecture. We value closeness with our visitors and people.

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